Patrice Reynaud & Philippe Gaillard Architects


Architecture with a humanistic slant

Patrice Reynaud & Philippe Gaillard, Associated Architects, proposes a harmonious architecture based on the client’s ideal concept; our humanistic philosophy of the habitat leads us to design creative, felicitous buildings of high standing. As an international agency we employ some twenty people qualified to work on projects for private residences, top-ranking hotels and luxury businesses and industries in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

The Genevan architect Patrice Reynaud, founder of the agency, began his career with Voorsager & Mills in New York. He then settled in Paris and worked together with André Bruyère to acquire a solid international experience. This led him to create his own architecture practice in Geneva in 1982 in collaboration with the best interior decorators with a view to realising the dream of each individual client. His signature has now become a reference in the world of luxury living.

Philippe Gaillard, also from Geneva, obtained his Diploma of Architect and came into his family business in 1980. Six years later, he took over its management under the name of Gaillard & Architectes Associés SA. Over a period of ten years he realised a considerable number of projects in a wide variety of sectors, before joining the administration of another architecture office, Atelier 15.

In 2001, the two architects came together to form their new agency, Patrice Reynaud & Philippe Gaillard, Associated Architects.